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  • Master of Wellness - Creator of the Worlds Best Wellness Companies

    Ed Curtain has lead the Industry for over 30 years, creating customised solutions for wellness while supporting healthy and sustainable industry growth.


    He was technical director for the Australian Institute of Fitness (A1F), creator of the largest kids fitness program (FITKIDS), and first to introduce 30 minute EXPRESS Personal Training (ET) and Corporate Wellness programs.


    Ed Curtain has set-up and operated multiple facilities worldwide providing professional training for Olympic athletes, lifestyle programs for chronic disease and corporate wellness for multi-national companies.


    Ed Curtain leads a team of industry experts to bring your new project to life or to help re-boot your existing business for the wellness age!


    See full profile here: edcurtain

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  • Programs


    Weight management program for losing fat and gaining muscle.

    ROCK the CLOCK

    Prevention and treatment program for chronic disease and anti-aging


    Famous children's international health and wellness program


    Corporate wellness program for busy people and smart companies


    Mindfulness program for a balanced stress-free life


    Mothers pre and post-natal wellness program for beauty

    FIX IT

    Posture, prevention and injury recovery program for vitality

    FIT for LIFE

    Cardio fitness, interval and safe running program for health


    Sports conditioning program for athletes and the active

  • Testimonials

    (industry leaders)

    Keith Blue

    Senior VP Cooper Aerobics (USA)

    "Ed Curtain is an exemplary professional of Wellness who has worked closely with Cooper Aerobics (USA) to facilitate the successful launch of our brand into China including design, training, programming and operations."

    Olivier Horps

    MD IMC Octave (France)

    "Ed Curtain is a seasoned sports, health and wellness professional with extensive knowledge, from creating tailored programs to setting up large facilities. He has both an international viewpoint and a strong local working experience."

    Loni Wang

    CEO Catic Wellness (China)

    "Ed Curtain has worked with us on numerous projects since 2007 - always pushing the limits on technology, design and professional operations. He passionately cares about and considers the customers experience through every element of the project."

    Michael Zheng

    CEO Rabbit & Bear Kids Sports (China)

    "I have worked with Ed Curtain on dozens of projects over the past 10 years. He has always demonstrated a passion for excellence, creativity for programs and innovation for facility design. I highly recommend Ed Curtain as the #1 expert in Wellness business."


    Choose from our consulting options



    11-step comprehensive package for new businesses from the initial concept to full operations.


    1. Design new concept

    2. Negotiating Leases

    3. Marketing and branding

    4. Creating the systems

    5. Supervise the project

    6. Training your teams

    7. Implement the systems

    8. Introduce new programs

    9. Launch operations

    10. Handover the project

    11. Ongoing Support


    (~6 months)



    7-step quick and easy start-up to create your systems and implement them into your new business.


    1. Concept Review

    2. Creating the systems

    3. Training your teams

    4. Implement the systems

    5. Introduce new programs

    6. Launch operations

    7. Ongoing Support


    (~3 months)



    5-step re-boot to upgrade your systems and implement them into your existing business.


    1. Operational Review

    2. Update your systems

    3. Training your teams

    4. Supervise operations

    5. Ongoing Support


    (~1 month)



    We will design a customised solution to meet your needs.


    - Design business concepts

    - Negotiating Leases

    - Marketing & branding

    - Creating systems

    - Supervise projects

    - Exercise technique

    - Management training

    - Introducing programs

    - Operations support


    (1day - 1 month)

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